HV-H-Maple <<
H-Maple is a full-scale and multi-format routing switcher that is available in large, medium and small sizes. Maple supports various A/V signals and control signals, such as CVBS, YUV, RGB, VGA, VGA+AUDIO, DVI, SD-SDI, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI, DVB-ASI, AUDIO, AES/EBU, DS3, RS-422.
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HV-4K HDMI 8×8 Matrix

The 8×8 HDMI matrix can connect eight HDMI signal sources with the eight displays at the same time.It can easily and freely split or switch eight hdmi signals on eight displays or projectors which compatible with hdmi signal. In addition, connect its port with HDMI cable and amplify the HDMI signal.


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